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What happens during a colonoscopy?
While you are sedated for the duration of the procedure, a flexible tube with a tiny video camera is inserted into your rectum and passed through your entire colon. High definition images transmitted to a video screen will allow the doctor to carefully examine the entire length of your colon for any abnormalities such as polyps, cancer, or diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. 

What is a sigmoidoscopy?
This procedure uses similar equipment as a colonoscopy, but only the lower part of your colon is examined, including the rectum and sigmoid colon, and sometimes, the descending colon. 

What are the risks of the procedure?
All medical procedures have risks associated with them, but your physician will do everything to minimize them. With a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, the risks include perforation (1 every 2000 to 3000 procedures) and bleeding (0.2 to 4 in 1000, majority of which is minor). Minor cardiorespiratory complications can also occur, but these are easily treated with proper equipment. Serious cardiorespiratory complications are very rare if appropriate precautions are followed. 

How do I prepare for the test?
You should carefully follow the preparation instructions provided to you. In general, you should avoid any solid food the day before, as well as the day of your scheduled procedure. Clear liquids such as broth, apple juice, and tea are acceptable during that time and can be consumed up to 2-4 hours before your test, depending on the procedure you are scheduled for. If your colon is not sufficiently clean, your doctor may need to reschedule your procedure. 

How long does the procedure take?
The actual procedure takes only 20-30 minutes. Before it begins, you will be given sedation to help you remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Once you are fully awake, generally within 30-90 minutes after the procedure, you will be discharged. 

Can I drive home?
No. If you receive sedation you will need someone to drive you home. Failure to have arranged for a person to escort you home will result in the cancellation of your procedure. This is for your personal safety, our utmost concern. 


I just wanted to thank the team for a very efficient colonoscopy process this morning. From the positive greeting when I arrived, to Becky who interviewed me, to Patricia who was the nurse in the recovery room, to the team in the OR (Dr. Flamand, Robin, and Dr. Easo), the process was professional, caring and highly efficient. Your team is very good about putting people at ease. I (almost!) look forward to seeing the clinic again in 5... Read More

I came in nervous and was put to ease and made to feel comfortable by all the staff. A caring environment that was appreciated.  Read More

Thank you very much for for the excellent care I received during my recent appointment for a colonoscopy/endoscopy. Following the procedure I was able to walk out unassisted and didn't feel nauseated.... I really appreciate your care, concern, expertise, and attention to detail! Thank you! Read More

Thank you for making my first experience with colonoscopy as comfortable as possible! Your whole team is warm, caring and professional and they very effectively alleviated my anxiety and embarrassment. I highly recommend your clinic because of the clean and welcoming atmosphere and the wonderful care that I received. Read More

I was very impressed with the ambiance of the clinic – certainly not cold and foreboding like I thought, but warm and receptive, just like your staff members. Everyone was pleasant and obviously considerate of what I was about to endure.
Your clinic is a very important addition to our outreach health care system. Keep up the great work you do!
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Having a colonoscopy done by your clinic was very well organized and efficient. I am recommending to my friends and family that coming to your clinic is a positive experience all around. Read More

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I just wanted to thank Dr. Flamand and all the staff who assisted in my recent colonoscopy. They made my visit so pleasant and comforting. Read More

Thank you so much for your professionalism and care that you gave me at my appointment last week! Read More

This brief note is to thank you and your staff for the very thorough and professional treatment offered to me during the entire colonoscopy process. You and your team do good work! Read More

I found that your clinic was very well managed. The whole procedure was efficient and uncomplicated. Thank you so much for the professional and gentle treatment. Read More

Top notch professional staff. I was walked thru everything right up to the point of falling asleep. I woke up wondering if I had even had the scope done, I didn't remember a thing after being sent off for a nap. I can't forget to mention the nice nurse that was in the room and the receptionist. I not once encountered anyone less then nice and I am so glad. Really eases my fears for any future procedures. I appreciated that the doctor came in... Read More

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