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Foods That Cause Gas and Bloating

Published on: 7 Jan, 2022
One of the byproducts of the digestions of certain foods, such as some legumes and cruciferous vegetables, is gas. This can cause bloating and flatulence, which may be embarrassing and painful. While excessive gas and bloating can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying problem, more often it is related to the types of foods that are consumed and is not a cause for concern.

Antibiotics May Increase Risk for Colon Cancer

Published on: 3 Dec, 2021
A study published earlier this year suggests that antibiotic use may be associated with an increased risk of developing colon cancer. Researchers suggest that this effect may be due to a disruption in the gut's microbiome as a result of the antibiotics. While antibiotics are sometimes necessary and should be prescribed when needed, careful and sensible use of antibiotics should be strongly encouraged in order to minimize the risks.
Find more information here and here.

Vitamin D and Early-Onset Colon Cancer Risk

Published on: 8 Nov, 2021
The incidence of colon cancer in younger adults has increased in the recent past. This increase may be partially attributed to lifestyle and dietary habits, such as increased intake of highly processed foods and a decreased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, recent research has shown that vitamin D may play a role as well, as higher total daily intake of vitamin D seems to be linked to a lower risk of developing colon cancer. More research needs to be completed before a definitive conclusion can be drawn, but vitamin D may offer an inexpensive, low-risk protective effect.

Elevated BMI Increases the Risk for Crohn's Disease

Published on: 6 Oct, 2021
Need more motivation to make healthy eating and daily exercise a part of your routine? Not only does regular exercise and a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables decrease your risk of developing colon cancer, making these activities a habit can help you maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight, in turn, can help reduce the risk of developing adult-onset Crohn's disease. 
Find more information here.

New Partnership Expands Access to Endoscopy Services

Published on: 24 Aug, 2021
Tri-City Colonoscopy Clinic (TCC) is excited to announce a new partnership with Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) that will help expand and expedite community access to endoscopy services. 
"COVID-19 disrupted our health care system and we were put in a position to find unique ways to help address the wait lists”, said Dr. Augustin Nguyen, gastroenterologist and TCC Medical Director. "As of July 2021, the hospital had a backlog of over 1600 endoscopy cases, which is much more than what it normally has in any given year. By transferring medically appropriate, low-complexity cases to TCC, we can expect to help the hospital offset as many as 500 cases on that list.”
The partnership goes into effect today, August 24, 2021.
Read the full media release here. 

Probiotics and Your Health

Published on: 3 Jul, 2021
Bacteria usually have a bad reputation for being harmful and causing infection and illness. However, various different types of bacteria are actually normal and beneficial, and can be found in various part of your body, including your lungs, skin and gut. These "good" bacteria are known as probiotics and play a role in keeping you healthy; one of the ways in which they do that is by fighting off "bad" bacteria when you have too much of it. 
Find more information about probiotics here.

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